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How to Work with a TV Commercial Production Company

How to Work with a TV Commercial Production Company



Advertisers use television commercials to reach large audiences with the goal of promoting a product, service, or idea. Quality television production is an important part of the marketing mix for companies looking to create credibility, obtain high viewership, and reach a targeted audience. With increased popularity among streaming platforms, there are even more opportunities to reach your ideal target audience. According to Statista, television is the second most profitable advertising medium in the United States. When utilized with best practices, TV ads can provide your business the boost it needs. 



Hire Professionals 

Ease the burden of creating a captivating commercial by enlisting the help of a professional television production company. A production company that can help guide a business in the right direction by translating your brand message into a high-quality ad. Knowing the project’s goals, target audience, and call to action will help the production company to develop a creative concept and script that speaks to your ideal customer. 



Choose the Right Partner

When choosing a production company to partner with, there are a few things to consider:


  1. Carefully review the production company’s portfolio and past work. Ensuring the company has experience producing commercials in your industry and for your target demographic will make for a smooth process.  According to Cloudwards, 55% of people in the US use an ad-supported streaming service, so make sure the company you choose to partner with knows how the ad needs to be shot or edited to fit both TV screens and streaming platforms. 


  1. Check reviews and consider the company’s experience. Do they have a good reputation? Have they been in the industry for a while? Your initial discovery call with the company can give you greater insight into how their team works. Be sure you choose a company whose values and goals align with the project. 


  1. Lastly, make sure the company communicates clearly and often. Sharing ideas and getting feedback is a large part of the production process. While a production company should listen and adapt to their client’s needs, the best teams contribute strong ideas based on their in-depth industry knowledge. 



As a highly-reputable marketing agency, The PM Group knows the amount of work and expertise required to get cost-effective results. We have been doing so for 35 years now. Our group of advertising companies includes Quarter Moon Productions, a full-service television production studio that specializes in TV commercials, broadcast show production, and live production. Get in touch with their team of experts or view examples of their work here







About The PM Group: Founded in 1988 by our CEO/Founder/Media Director Bob Wills, The PM Group is now celebrating its 35th year in business. The agency continues its stellar growth and is San Antonio’s largest advertising agency under the leadership of Agency President and COO Fran Yanity. The agency’s client roster spans numerous industries including financial, casual dining, cultural organizations, home services, automotive, CPG, entertainment, sports marketing, legal, business services, non-profit, real estate and fitness. For the past five consecutive years, the agency has set annual year-over-year revenue records with the addition of new clients and organic growth of existing clients. Additionally, the agency continues its legacy of annual charitable giving by orchestrating fundraising events for local nonprofit organizations. The PM Group now raises approximately $2M annually, bringing our total charitable contributions to over $16M for the past 10 years.

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