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Bob Wills

Bob Wills
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Bob Wills

Media Director

With 40 years of advertising experience to his name, Bob Wills knows how to get results. After a long career in business and marketing, Bob opened The PM Group in 1988 and hasn’t looked back since.

While building The PM Group to what it is today, Bob has spearheaded countless campaigns and has even created some of our clients’ most famous promotions including the IHOP/Six Flags Fiesta Texas Gift Card deal, and the invention of “Taco Sunday” for Taco Bell. To say that Bob is merely “a marketing mastermind” or “campaign genius” doesn’t even scratch the surface. Utilizing his vast experience, and combined skillsets working with media, account service, and creative respectively, Bob flourishes when orchestrating agency departments to work together in harmony.

Under Bob, The PM Group has continuously fostered rapid business growth and generated robust professional solutions to solve the most critical business problems. Although the early clients were mostly QSR industry brands, Bob was confident “great marketers can market anything.” It didn’t take long for The PM Group to branch out to nearly every industry and truly diversify accounts. Bob says, “great work speaks for itself,” and whether we are selling hamburgers or helicopter parts, Bob helps keep the agency cutting edge.

Bob leads by example with his hard work and “never, never, never give up” Winston Churchill attitude, while constantly striving to streamline the business and deliver more value to our clients. His additional ventures include two new TV shows, a state-of-the-art media sales company, and the largest production house in South Texas. All of these businesses support The PM Group, allowing the agency to create content faster and do more for our clients.

Bob realizes that we aren’t much without our great clients and regularly admits we thrive because of client success.

The PM Group is the largest Advertising & Marketing Agency in San Antonio and South Texas. We look forward to connecting with you.


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