Media Buying

No one buys more media in South Texas than The PM Group, San Antonio's largest advertising and marketing agency.

With all the media choices available to advertisers, it can be hard to choose the right one. For starters, many clients/advertisers quite honestly don’t have the ability to garner the lowest prices. The primary goal of media buying is getting maximum exposure to the most people at the lowest cost possible.

That is where The PM Group media buying professionals come in. We purchase more media in the San Antonio market than any ten agencies combined! That media power assures The PM Group clients they get the best rates available. Even our smallest clients enjoy the same rates as our multi-million-dollar clients receive. That’s unmatched buying power!

What is media buying?

Media buying is the process of purchasing media placements for advertising on radio, broadcast TV, cable advertising, billboards, magazines, digital advertising, or other print publications. It’s a common service among advertising and marketing agencies. The primary goal of media buying is getting maximum exposure to as many people at the lowest cost possible. This is the major point of difference with The PM Group’s media department. Everyone wants our prices!

Media buying involves a negotiation process, and it starts after media planning (this is the process of purchasing a media space). Only agencies that have our buying strength can compete–and there is no other media buying or marketing & advertising agency located in San Antonio that fits the bill!

Why is professional media buying necessary?

Media buying expertise. The PM Group’s media buyers are always on top of the latest trends in the industry. They have also been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work best. With your business goals in mind, we are, therefore, able to provide you with the best path to follow to grow your business. The other benefit is our leverage and buying networks, which The PM Group has established over the last 30 years, giving us trust and buying power.

Cost-efficiency. Since our media buyers bring a lot of business to our media vendors, we are able to negotiate better deals for clients at a lower price-which either saves you money OR gets you more advertising for your media budget.

Our media buyers also have access to all the advanced media tools and research they require to make the media buying process a success for our clients.

Who is a media buyer?

For a better flow in the media buying process, let’s define who a media buyer is.

This is the individual responsible for the negotiation and placement of your ads on television, radio, digital, and print or any other advertising medium.

How does digital media buying work?

Digital media buying simply means the process of acquiring display and video ad placements on apps, websites, and other digital platforms.

From geo-fencing to retargeting, from paid serial to programmatic buying, Connected TV and more, The PM Group can deliver best in class placements at the lowest cost available with full reporting capabilities to ensure your marketing dollars have performed as planned.

The process of media planning and buying

The three phases of media buying at The PM Group include:

  • Pre-launch: Strategizing on vital media decisions
  • Launch: Ensuring media delivery is effective and runs as per the plan
  • Post-launch: Auditing and measuring campaign results, and making any necessary adjustments for maximum benefits

Key steps to media planning

Media planning is essential in any marketing decision. This helps identify all the resources required and evaluate available options in an effort to maximize any client’s investment and results.

This reduces the risk of failure of any media campaign.

When The PM Group does media buying, we find it is always best to take time to lay out all the aspects that will go into the campaign to avoid any client disappointments. That is a primary reason our clients stay with us for decades versus just a couple of years. The PM Group focuses on client results, NOT the pursuit of new clients to replace the ones we anticipate losing. How crazy is that? Happy, satisfied clients don’t leave a successful relationship with their advertising agency.

Know your target market

Advertising is only useful when it reaches the right audience. Poor research on who your primary target audience should be will lead to poor media planning & poor media buying and, subsequently, poor results.

Here are the key questions we want all of The PM Group’s clients to the able answer when choosing their target audience:

  • Who do you want your message to reach?
  • Who is your primary target?
  • What is their gender?
  • How old are they?
  • How much income do they earn?
  • Where do they specifically reside?
  • Where do they work–what is their profession?
  • Are they married, engaged, single?
  • Does the desired target have certain education attainment levels?

Understand your target audience

Once you identify the consumer group you are targeting, we like to master their behavioral traits. This will help us in determining where to place your ad dollars most effectively. If you do not have adequate funds in our professional opinion to launch an effective campaign, we will tell you so. If your budget is inadequate, we won’t spend client money if it is destined to fail. That’s the level of experience and integrity The PM Group brings to the table for our clients.

What is your competitor up to?

Our media buying professionals perform research to know exactly what successful methods your competitor is using. The following insight about your competition can help you answer this question comprehensively:

  • Who is your primary competition targeting?
  • What media sources are they buying?
  • In what programs are they running their campaigns?
  • What dayparts are they placing their ads?

These answers will help us create media buys that will allow your business to compete favourably in the market.

Create your media strategy

Based on your industry knowledge on who your primary target audience is, where we can find them, and having a defined understanding of your key competitors’ marketing moves––The PM Group media team can come up with a winning strategy for our clients. It’s what we have done successfully for over 30 years and we are still the marketing and advertising leader in our space.

Analyzing campaign performance

This is an area that our marketing and advertising agency competitors cannot measure up to our stringent media buying standards. We are the only San Antonio area advertising agency that guarantees their clients two specific key differences: the combination of the lowest prices and a 100% or greater audience delivery.

Ask yourself this question:

If you went to the supermarket and bought 4 bags of groceries and they only put 3 bags in your car, wouldn’t you demand you receive the missing groceries? That is what happens when a media buying agency does not 100% guarantee their media performance for their clients!