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How Our High-Performing Hybrid Work Schedules Have Stemmed Employee Turnover and Increased Productivity

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Senior management at The PM Group has always strived to have a cutting-edge company culture that minimizes employee turnover and in turn, increases workforce productivity and helps retain happy clients.



“Employee turnover produces many negative outcomes for any business, like significant sales losses and reduced profits,” stated Fran Yanity, The PM Group’s President and Chief Operating Officer. While COVID-19 led to many companies instituting work-from-home and hybrid work schedules to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic, many companies have struggled to figure out how to best manage remote work flexibility post-pandemic.



“If you institute remote work on its own, you will likely fail,’ Yanity went on to add. “Hybrid schedules and remote working are just a few of the many benefits a successful company needs to offer employees in today’s world if they want to keep their customers happy and employee turnover low.”



Maintaining a strong company culture and a high-performance, achieving staff takes many actions, with ‘trust’ being at the foreground of working remotely.  “You must trust your employees will be doing their jobs no differently when working from home. We keep everyone personally engaged with weekly ZOOM status meetings and a culture of recognition. Whether it be staff birthdays, work anniversaries or family matters,” stated The PM Group’s CEO and Founder, Bob Wills. “The little things matter too,” he added.



So how is that working for The PM Group?



Since 2020, San Antonio’s largest advertising agency has effectively slowed employee turnover to a standstill thankfully, with the most recent two staffers leaving to retire from the workforce. The fact is, The PM Group has had remote workers for over 14 years now with agency staff working from home in Arizona, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Texas. By providing our staff members with the proper equipment, software and team support to work remotely, they can succeed just as well, if not better, when working from home.



Another way it’s working for The PM Group is the best news of all; the agency is currently having its 5th consecutive year of all-time record sales revenues. “While most companies were trying to survive COVID, we figured out how to ‘thrive’ during COVID,” Wills added. The agency has been able to keep operational excellence and high efficiency output while offering desirable hybrid options without any sacrifice to the bottom line.



The PM Group’s employees benefited as well. By offering hybrid schedules and remote working, the agency believes we have made employees’ paychecks go much further. “We estimate employees save approximately $3,000 to $5,000 per year on transportation, meals and clothing costs through hybrid and remote working,” stated The PM Group’s Chief Financial Officer, Courtney Gallagher. All in all, it’s been an all-around positive change for the agency.









About The PM Group: Founded in 1988 by our CEO/Founder/Media Director Bob Wills, The PM Group is now celebrating its 35th year in business. The agency continues its stellar growth and is San Antonio’s largest advertising agency under the leadership of Agency President and COO Fran Yanity. The agency’s client roster spans numerous industries including financial, casual dining, cultural organizations, home services, automotive, CPG, entertainment, sports marketing, legal, business services, non-profit, real estate and fitness. For the past five consecutive years, the agency has set annual year-over-year revenue records with the addition of new clients and organic growth of existing clients. Additionally, the agency continues its legacy of annual charitable giving by orchestrating fundraising events for local nonprofit organizations. The PM Group now raises approximately $2M annually, bringing our total charitable contributions to over $16M for the past 10 years.

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