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Thomas J Henry Unveils New Distracted Driving Campaign

The PM Group’s Bob Wills on the set with ‘Ghostbusters’ Ernie Hudson and his wife Linda Hudson.


Distracted driving is at a crisis level in America!  Thousands of people are being killed in automobile accidents every year while texting or talking on their mobile phones. It only takes 1-2 seconds of distraction to cause a life-ending tragedy.


That’s why road safety advocate Thomas J Henry has made a massive commitment to save lives here in Texas by raising distracted driving awareness. Over the last three years alone, Thomas J Henry has placed thousands of ads in newspapers and aired over 500,000 commercials on television, cable, and on the radio. It’s his mission to save lives from senseless accidents.


In 2022, Henry is hoping to further elevate distracted driving awareness with the help of the most popular ‘Ghostbuster’ in the world…….Mr. Ernie Hudson. He is one of the original Ghostbusters film franchise stars and helped save the world (again) in the recent ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ hit movie that brought back Hudson, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd thirty-seven years after the original Ghostbusters movie debuted in 1984.


While Hudson was in town to appear at PMX Event’s recent film festival, he filmed the new distracted driving PSA for Thomas J Henry. The new spot was filmed by Quarter Moon Productions and written by The PM Group’s Founder and CEO, Bob Wills.


This new Thomas J Henry distracted driving campaign will begin airing in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Corpus Christi starting January 2022.


So, who you gonna call?  “No one, if you’re driving, I hope,” stated Thomas J Henry.



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