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Why Television Award Shows Are No Longer a Safe Bet for Advertisers

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The ABC television network’s broadcast of the 2021 Academy Awards show Sunday night, April 25th, only drew 9.85 million viewers, making it the least-watched Oscars ceremony in history!



The television award show audience for the 2021 Oscars dropped 58% from 23.6 million viewers for the 2020 telecast, which occurred just weeks before the coronavirus pandemic halted live events and spurred stay-at-home orders all across the country, according to Nielsen data released Monday, April 26th.



While the Oscars has seen its ratings fall precipitously over the years, many television award shows during the pandemic have been especially challenged in attracting viewers. Viewership for the Golden Globes, the largely virtual live telecast on NBC in early March, dropped 62% from a year earlier to 6.9 million. The Grammys on CBS in February dropped 51% and recorded their lowest viewing audience ever as well!



It is not a mystery as to why historically prestigious television award shows ratings are sinking to all time lows. Many television viewers do not want to be preached to by cocky, outspoken Hollywood liberals about today’s social issues or whom they can vote for. Polls reveal that many television award show viewers do not view these celebrities as our moral authority nor as people of political significance that can preach down to them.



They simply want Hollywood stars to entertain them, not lecture them! Until these outspoken entertainers and sports celebrities like LeBron James understand and respect their stature in our society, these once glorious television award shows will become average and insignificant to most viewers. Major league sports teams, concerts, and even Broadway Shows will continue to see live attendance falter further and the related income those events generate to pay the stars…will whither away!





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