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Super Bowl Commercials Soar 76% Nationally in the Last 10 Years

The PM Group Has Been the Top Local Super Bowl Advertiser in San Antonio & Corpus Christi Over the Last Five Years!
Ad prices for TV’s biggest event, the Super Bowl, have increased 76% over the past decade, according to figures released by Kantar Media.
Prices for some spots on this year’s game have topped $5 million for 30 seconds, which would again be an increase over the 2015 Super Bowl.
According to Kantar, the Super Bowl has generated $2.38 billion of network advertising sales from more than 130 marketers over the past decade. Last year alone, the Super Bowl rang up $345.4 million in ad revenue for NBC. 2006 Super Bowl revenues were $162.5 million.
Super Bowl spots went for an average of $4.4 million in 2015, up from $4.2 million in 2014. Back in 2006, spots cost $2.5 million…….or 76% less!
Despite the large ad cost increases, there has been no shortage of advertisers at the national level. Locally, The PM Group has contained inflation to less than 30% for our clients.
The top advertisers in the Super Bowl over the past 10 years are Anheuser-Busch InBev, which was in all 10 games and spent $287.3 million, according to Kantar. Pepsi has also been in all 10 games, spending $172 million. Rounding out the top five are Coca-Cola, Chrysler and General Motors.

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