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OH REALLY? | The Average Worker Doesn’t Think So!

Stagnant wages, fewer jobs/work hours and skyrocketing apartment rental rates are just a few of the key economic issues that millennials are having to deal with in today’s economy.
In their world, life is not that great.
Who’s to blame?
In my opinion, the federal government; including the do-nothing politicians that make promises when running for office……and then fail to deliver on those promises. Further, the escalation of regulations placed upon employers is killing small business—the major catalyst for job growth. For example, it’s impossible to start up a small bank today. The federal government reporting requirements & regulations alone are so cost-prohibitive and have stacked the deck in favor of those “too big to fail banks” that get government bailouts. It’s crony protectionism at the very least!
If you think raising the minimum wage to $15/hour will stimulate the economy and raise the quality of life for millions, guess again!
Walmart recently raised hourly salaries and it’s now been reported they are cutting the amount of hours their employees receive. Every other major company that has sub-$10.00 per hour staff is looking at alternatives to offset that increase in labor costs. Fast food companies will be launching self-ordering kiosks in the very near future—hence those counter jobs at McDonalds will soon disappear.
You can blame our failed leaders and any government person or entity that thinks their doing the right legislative thing. It’s called the “unintended consequences” caused by political idiots that have no real idea how American capitalism really works. This escalated national conversation about improving the quality of life for the middle class is ideology that can go very wrong—very easily!
Yes, raising the federal minimum is overdue. But nearly doubling it will ultimately cast our economy back into another difficult recession and cause taxes to rise even higher… pay for more government assistance. Government needs to be more inclusive with big & small businesses to avoid the likely consequences.
Millennials BEWARE……there are congressional politicians that claim they want to help you improve your quality of life. Yes, the same politicians that have guaranteed salaries and benefits……for life!
There is a solution. Vote responsibly. Stop voting for a political party. Vote for change, real change.
Bob Wills
About the Writer
Mr. Wills has started 5 different companies and has run many others. His marketing & advertising industry related businesses are all recognized leaders in their respective categories. He is one of the few people that accurately predicted the devastating economic crash in 2008– eight months prior to it actually happening. He is a daily student of monitoring the cause and effects of our economy without the prejudice of self-interest. He owns no stocks nor is he a lobbyist for any organization or individual.

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