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3 Media Buyer Tips from The PM Group Media Department


3 Inside Tips From The PM Group Media Department


A media buyer at the PM Group negotiates, purchases, and monitors advertising space & airtime. Their department is one of the most integral and fast-paced at The PM Group. Without them, our clients would have no way of sharing their marketing with the world. They work to help clients reach a defined audience in the most cost-effective manner possible.


We are frequently asked for tips on how to succeed as a professional media buyer in today’s ever-changing advertising landscape. Recently, we sat down with our media department and asked for three tips for success in the media department of a marketing agency.


Be Humble and Never Stop Learning

Because campaign timing and knowledge of industry trends are so crucial to the ever-evolving world of media buying, no one really knows it all. The PM Group has secured unparalleled media clout in the San Antonio and South Texas markets for decades because we never stop evolving. Our media buyers with decades of experience admit that you can never be complacent in the role. Just when they feel themselves becoming comfortable, a new trend surfaces. A savvy media buyer will acknowledge this change and adjust tactics or recommend new campaign directions accordingly. The media landscape is constantly fluctuating, which always keeps our buyers on their toes! As a media buyer, you must always be humble and continuously ready to scrap what you know and learn new strategies.


Do Your Research. Use Your Tools.

A significant portion of media buying is based on research and data. In their relentless pursuit of the best deals for agency clients, a good media buyer always goes back to the hard numbers. Although a healthy amount of intuition or past knowledge of what’s worked previously never hurts, The PM Group’s media buyers never ignore the data. Media buyers use many proprietary tools and software programs to help them accomplish their tasks. Neglecting these powerful tools only makes life harder for the buyer!


For Media Buyers Relationships Are Key!

When media buyers aren’t absorbing new industry trends or crunching the numbers, they are most likely on the phone with media representatives. Successful media buyers maintain positive working relationships with vendor contacts to assure that we consistently provide the best possible service to our clients. Powerful vendor relationships can also be lifesavers when we collaborate to troubleshoot complications or last-minute challenges. If the person on the other side of the phone has respect and appreciation for the media buyer, things always go much more smoothly.


Years of experience and masterful execution of these tips have helped The PM Group become one of the largest media buyers in the state. Led by Media Director Bob Wills, our media department maintains long-term strategic media partnerships, allowing for significant media savings and unparalleled added value.


If you think our elite media team could help your business grow, drop us a line!


About The PM Group: The PM Group was founded in 1988. Over the past 30 years, the agency has continued to grow and is currently listed as San Antonio’s Largest Advertising Agency by the San Antonio Business Journal. The PM Group’s client roster spans numerous industries including automotive, CPG, entertainment and sports marketing, legal, business services, non-profit, real estate and fitness. In addition, the agency hosts an annual Charity Gala every February that to date has raised over $3 million for local San Antonio area non-profit organizations in the last 15 years! It is our way of giving back to the community that we so humbly serve.

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