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Fight of the Century?

Back in May, the whole world was conned into believing the Floyd Mayweather–Manny Pacquiao fight would be the Fight of the Century. Between the two of them they earned over $300 million dollars. That’s insane!

Robbery of the Century is more like it!

So I thought I would take the opportunity to suggest my TOP 10 BEST POSSIBLE FIGHTS OF THE CENTURY;

10) Hillary Clinton vs Bill Clinton for President. Oh how the truth would come out! It would be a winner take all political brawl. Slick Willy prevails.

9) Donald Trump vs His Hair Brush. Enough said!

8) Coach Gregg Popovich vs The Media. Pop is the undisputed, undefeated champion when facing the media. In my fictional fight, you score points by professing your deepest desires for Tim Duncan to keep playing in the NBA to age 50.

7) Uber/Lyft versus Yellow Cab. Mayor Ivy Taylor is the referee.

6) Tim Duncan vs Father Time. I’ll take Timmy!

5) Tim Duncan vs Mother Nature. Sorry Tim, here’s where you lose me. She has proven time and time again she’s vicious and relentless when it comes to wreaking havoc!

4) Terrell Owens vs Michael Irvin. The Big Playmaker vs The Big Mouth! We’ll see if words really do hurt!

3) Muhammad Ali vs Rocky Balboa. The best fighter vs the best fight movie maker. I’m leaning towards Balboa.

2) Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield. In this historic rematch, this time Evander bites Tyson’s ear off!

1) Rhonda Rousey vs Floyd Mayweather. In this “winner take all, anything goes fight” Rousey teaches Floyd how to cry like a baby!

Bob Wills

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