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Car Wraps Become Innovative Out of Home Advertising Medium


The PM Group - Car Wrap Out of Home Advertising


Out of home advertising has had its pros and cons when it comes to effectiveness. For example, being in front of hundreds of thousands of drivers and passengers allows a message to hit huge audiences, but a static poster board may be too much of a blanket message to really be effective for certain campaigns. At The PM Group, we try to make sure our clients’ message gets seen by the right eyes, so when new options to make campaigns even more effective emerge, we take notice.


Companies like Adder and Carvertise are creating new and innovative options for out of home advertising while giving drivers another easy outlet to earn money out on the roads.


How does it work?

Both companies take a similar approach to getting a brand’s message out on the roads. Drivers can apply to have small, magnetic ads or even full car wraps placed on their cars. Within that application, drivers give a summary of their driving habits – their normal routes, how much time they spend on the road, and even if they drive for rideshare companies like Uber or Lyft. Adder and Carvertise then use that driver’s data and compare it to the target markets of their clients’ campaigns. If they find who will see that driver’s car match those of the target demographic, then it’s a perfect fit. The driver then pays nothing to have their car wrapped and receives payment based on mileage and location. Once the campaign is over, their car wrap is then professionally removed at no additional cost.


What are the advantages over traditional out of home advertising?

For some brands, this type of innovative out of home advertising could be exactly what gets them in front of the right audience. Data backed demographic tools used by Adder and Carvertise allow for brands to target down on a precise and local scale. This allows brands to be more efficient with their marketing dollars and with who they target, rather than having their message being posted on a highway hitting mass numbers of drivers that may not fit their clientele.


Who has had success?

Adder and Carvertise have had successful campaigns with companies in the health care, insurance, and restaurant industries as well as universities. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield needed to increase their enrollment numbers in an area of Pennsylvania with limited out of home options. After digging into the data, Carvertise implemented a 60 car campaign over 25 weeks that garnered over 8.1 million impressions. The campaign was a success in terms of enrollment rates, but also had the added value of increasing positive brand awareness based on consumer feedback.


Here at The PM Group we’re excited to see a new out of home medium that will allow us to give options to our clients who need a more grassroots, local approach to being seen on roadways. Many in the industry question the success of out of home advertising, but we’re happy to see that innovation and data is keeping OOH fresh and relevant in our modern world.


About The PM Group: The PM Group was founded in 1988. Over the past 30 years, the agency has continued to grow and is currently listed as San Antonio’s Largest Advertising Agency by the San Antonio Business Journal. The PM Group’s client roster spans numerous industries including automotive, CPG, entertainment and sports marketing, legal, business services, non-profit, real estate and fitness. In addition, the agency hosts an annual Charity Gala every February that to date has raised over $3 million for local San Antonio area non-profit organizations in the last 15 years! It is our way of giving back to the community that we so humbly serve.

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