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Airport TSA Agents Deserve Our Respect…No Matter What!

If you travel a lot like I do, you may have some doubts about airport TSA agents given their approach to processing travelers though security checkpoints. I have often harbored ill feelings towards them given their drone like, impersonal attitudes towards travelers.

But not anymore!

Last Thursday April 15th, my wife and I were at the San Antonio International Airport at 2:30pm for our 4-day getaway to Las Vegas. I had just stepped out of the security body scanner and suddenly heard loud screaming and saw hundreds of people running through the security gates and then the TSA agents started yelling “active shooter, active shooter.” The TSA agents immediately asked us to follow them down the Terminal 1 corridor into a locked down hallway that took us under the terminal concourse into the basement. Standing there in the basement, I looked around at the TSA agents and observed men and woman that ‘calmly’ did their jobs. They followed their training admirably and took hundreds of people out of harms way.

Just like they were trained to do.

Given all the craziness in the world, somedays, we often forget how the people we may not care for or like, are prepared to protect us when our part of the world experiences a moment we never expected to ever happen to us!  But it did, and I want to thank the TSA agents on-duty for being professional and doing their jobs just like they were trained to do. Our taxpayer dollars at work—keeping us as safe as possible.

Thanks to all of those TSA agents and police on duty the afternoon of April 15, 2021 as no one was killed, except for the shooter and we all owe you a debt of gratitude.


Bob Wills

CEO | Founder

The PM Group 

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