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Which Gender Spends More Time on Social Media?

Depending on the product the decision maker during the purchase process can vary between men or women. But when it comes to social media consumption the fairer sex is putting a lot of ground between themselves and their male counterparts.


According to numbers provided by Pew Research and Nielsen women outnumber men in activity on five of the six top social networks. It breaks down something like this – 25 percent more women use Pinterest compared to the guys. Ten percent more women use Facebook, eight percent more women used Tumblr.


So what about Instagram and Twitter?  Here, the numbers narrow a bit – with the gaps being five percent and one percent, respectively. LinkedIn is the one social network site where men outnumber women, but the difference was only five percent.


Also, more women are consuming their news online – 58 percent get their news on Facebook and 52 percent on G+. The guys?  42 and 48 percent of men get their news from the same respective sources.


Women aren’t just breezing through these sites; they use them more. They show support 10 percent more, access 17 percent more offers, and they even comment three percent more than all of those opinionated guys.


Bottom line, reaching women today requires a good social media plan and follow through. And The PM Group has the online expertise to help you make an impact with your audience whether it’s men or women.

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