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Why Are Braces So Expensive?

Over the years, the cost of many products & services eventually gets much lower in price. From eyewear to big screen TV’s…consumers have seen prices come down 50 to 80%. There is however one very notable exception; braces from your family dentist or the orthodontist your dentist refers you to.

Most likely, braces are so expensive because most orthodontists only work a couple of days a week and because they can capitalize on the notion that parents want the very best for their children and will pay dearly to do so!

Whatever the reason, braces are too expensive!

But now there is a revolutionary solution to this grossly over-priced product; Texas Orthodontics right here in San Antonio, Texas.

Texas Orthodontics offers traditional braces and Invisalign for HALF THE PRICE you’d pay at most orthodontists or dentists. The Texas Orthodontics business model is like COSTCO and Southwest Airlines. They pride themselves at being the low-price leader. Best of all, Texas Orthodontics’ low prices on braces does not come at the expense of the expert care you receive or in the quality of the braces you receive. They have a truly state-of-the-art facility with the latest high tech equipment to save you time and money! For example, you can get Invisalign for $4,480 and you’ll save $3,000 to $4,500 compared to most orthodontists or dentists—and the Invisalign you receive at Texas Orthodontics is the very same dental appliance direct from the manufacturer you get everywhere else! Why pay more?

Traditional braces are also available for $3,480…..also thousands less than the orthodontist or your dentist!

So if you want a great smile AND save thousands too, checkout Texas Orthodontics online at for more information. You can also learn more about them on Facebook.

As they say in their ads–“We’re going to make you smile.”

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