Welcome to the PM Group - San Antonio's largest advertising agency. "…because revenue solutions don't just show up overnight."

Our two decades of becoming the largest full service advertising agency in San Antonio have taught us one thing: Those who try to define themselves by traditional titles are doomed to find only traditional limitations.


So, though we may be the biggest advertising agency in San Antonio, we defy being categorized as just an ad agency, brand marketing firm, or even design firm.


In fact, we like to say we are not even in the advertising or marketing communications business. We are in the revenue solutions business. Our entire agency team endeavors to create solutions that consistently provide winning opportunities for our clients. We out think the competition, and transform ideas into executions that motivate and activate demographic targets and consumers, and drive sales. Above all, we have a passion for delivering a strong ROI for every client.


Granted, we develop award winning branding and advertising campaigns, but we also design websites, create interactive marketing ideas, devise strong media plans, and create attention-grabbing promotions. We do this for a diverse range of clients in retail, medical, personal services, restaurant, optical, automotive, personal injury law and professional sports marketing. We continually look to refine and redefine new ways to propel our clients further forward, because we will not have them defined by traditional limitations either.


That’s how we became San Antonio’s biggest advertising agency and source for revenue solutions. Give The PM Group a call and set up a meeting to learn how we can help your business move forward.