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Becky Kassner

Becky Kassner
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Becky Kassner


Accountants and smiles aren’t always a common association, but we found a rare exception in Rebecca Kassner (known as Becky to our team). Behind every prosperous agency, there’s a controller; double-checking the books and making sure expenses and income are present and correct. Rebecca is no newcomer to the world of accounting. She has worked at a variety of firms in accounting since 1991 and has held the title of lead Controller since 2001.

At The PM Group, Rebecca provides financial management, human resources services, payroll accounting, as well as accounts payable and receivable coverage to the agency, as well as all affiliated companies. Her diligence and dedication play critical roles in assuring that The PM Group operates smoothly. When Rebecca isn’t facilitating billing or handling employee paperwork, she enjoys traveling, shopping, and spending time with her two grandchildren.

The PM Group is the largest Advertising & Marketing Agency in San Antonio and South Texas. We look forward to connecting with you.


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