U.S. Advertising Spending Falls 4% in First Quarter

U.S. advertising expenditures dropped in the first quarter of 2015, as ad budgets declined among eight of the ten biggest-spending industries, according to a new report from advertising tracker Kantar Media.
* The automotive industry spent 11% less in the first quarter
* The retail industry lowered spending by 9.6%
* Spending on cable networks grew 4.1%, largely due to the fact that cable networks are packing in more ad time into their programming to make up for ratings declines. In some cases, cable networks have even sped up shows or reduced the amount of time they spend promoting their own programs
* Spending on broadcast television was flat when you exclude the 2014 Winter Olympics
* Ad spending on newspapers fell 15.4% and magazine advertising fell 8.7%
Source: Kantar Media

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