Thriving San Antonio & Texas Economy Reflected in Population Report

Bloomberg just released this U.S. map depicting how many metropolitan areas in the country have shrunk in size. Those cities include Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit Washington D.C., Cleveland, Milwaukee and Hartford, Conn.
El Paso, Texas was the only Texas market to shrink leading to a loss of 8,490 residents to other parts of the country.
None of the major DMA’s in Texas experienced any declines, but that’s to be expected. The economy in Texas is very good and unemployment is very low compared to the rest of the country.
It’s no wonder many of those cities and states have lost residents. They have created social & business climates that many of their residents won’t tolerate. The escalation of state income taxes, minimum wage and other social factors have companies & families fleeing.
….and that is very good news for San Antonio and Texas!
-Bob Wills

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