Music, Fun & Giving?

The annual 2014 Saturday Night Fun-Raiser is officially behind us and by all measures it was one of the most successful in all our years of throwing this charitable gala.
The entertainment this year featured Card mechanic-manipulator Richard Turner, who amazed guests with card skills that still have people asking, “How’d he do that?” Guests danced well into the night led by 80’s cover band The New Waves. There was table after table of silent auction items that had people buzzing and hovering over their favorite pieces to make sure they weren’t out bid. Autographed sports memorabilia, gift baskets overflowing with goodies, jewelry, weekend getaways, even a banjo kept people bidding right up to the last seconds. The excitement didn’t end there – 12 incredible Live Auction items had hands waving in the air and bids flying back and forth across the Hyatt ballroom.
Stay tuned for details on how much was raised. Numbers are still being tallied but early reports put the total above previous years.
The PM Group and The Wood Agency would like to thank everyone that helped set up and run the gala, as well as all of our guests that attended. Next year will be even better.

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