Does Hillary Clinton Have it Wrong?

Just the sound of that word disgusts most people in America today. Is it the title or what they stand for in the minds of most Americans?
I’d suggest the latter. Here’s a great example of how poorly most politicians think & operate;
It’s been reported that the Hillary Clinton campaign has been holding outreach meetings with a select group of supporters to discuss the attack strategy against republicans.”

That’s revolting on two fronts. First, it sounds like the candidate is pandering to potential donors aka “the sellout”. Secondly, shouldn’t a person running for the office of the President of the United States be meeting to discuss how to solve the many problems we are facing in America today?
It’s time for our elected officials(and candidates) to have a plan to improve our lives……with a commitment to integrity, honesty, bipartisanship and to obey the wishes of the people that voted them into office…..not the wishes of those that attempt to buy political favors. It’s time to take the “for sale” sign down in Washington D.C. and in our state & municipal government too. Enough is enough!
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-Bob Wills

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